There’s a shop in our store!

mails (photo by Tim Young)

X Drug Store’s Shop

Tim says:

This is really confusing. Why would a drug store own a shop? A store IS a shop! It’s like if we said “restaurant’s eatery”. They’re both the same thing!

How did this mistake happen? Ayumi and I can’t figure it out. Perhaps “Drug Store” was translated from a Japanese term that doesn’t include the meaning of “store”, such as 「薬屋」? It’s a mystery…

O Drug Store


Ayumi says:

Drug Storeですでに「薬局」ですので、Drug Store’s Shopだと「薬局のお店」。




「薬屋」と和英辞書を引いて “drug store” が出てきた。

「薬屋さんのお店」というつもりで、drug store’s shopでしょうか?



田中亜由美は「TOEICテスト クロストレーニング PART 1・2」などの本は販売中!ブログはこちら.


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