“Fragrant”? Better check the sell-by date!

It is a box lunch deep-fried in the shop It is very delicious and very fragrant (photo by Tim Young)

X It is a box lunch deep-fried in the shop It is very delicious and very fragrant

Tim says:

The English on this sign, found in a convenience store, is not so terrible, but it has several odd points.

One is that it seems to say that the entire bento lunch — rice, pickles, potato salad, maybe even the box itself — has been deep fried. Wow. That’s got to be one fattening lunch!

(By the way, “deep-fried” with a hyphen should be used as an adjective: “a deep-fried cutlet.” As it’s used on this sign, there should be no hyphen: “It is a box lunch, deep fried.”)

“Delicious” is a fairly strong word, and it doesn’t really need “very. Also, as I think I’ve written before, “fragrant” is not usually used to describe food — unless, perhaps, it is spoiled food! Otherwise, it makes me think of flowers or perfume.

Here’s my version:

O It’s a box lunch with a deep-fried pork cutlet. It’s delicious and smells great!


Ayumi says:

コンビニのトンカツ弁当の説明: 「揚げたてトンカツ弁当! 美味!!風味抜群!!!」

という感じなのでしょう。 でも、部分的に英語が不自然です。

deep friedされているのは、box lunchごとではないですよね? 揚げてあるのはお弁当の中に入っているトンカツだけです。

fragrantは「香りが良い」ときに使いますが、お花や香水を思い浮かべる。 食べ物だったら、smell good/great など。 でもトンカツで「いいにおい」ってあまりしっくりとこない。 ここではお肉の風味がいい、って言いたいのではないかと? だとしたら delicious だけでいいような気もする。


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