2 thoughts on “No. 249 TOKYO STATION”

  1. Hi, Mr. Young.
    Thank you for podcasts. I always enjoy your podcast with nice humor during driving car on the way to office and home.
    Today I had a little question. Around 2:30, I heard that you mentioned “He is going to be a Tokyo Station today”? Is there some special meaning in it? I mean, I just felt that “to be a” would be an odd one here. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, K.K.!

    Actualy, my line was “He’s going to be at Tokyo Station today.” You know, Americans don’t say the letter “T” at the end of a word very strongly, so I can see why “at” would sound like “a” to you. In this case the “t” at the end of “at” joins together with the “t” at the beginning of “Tokyo”. There’s just a slight pause while my tongue is touching the top of my mouth, to signify that there are two separate “t”s! –Tim

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