Don’t pop too much time into trying to understand this!

pop your time

X Pop your time

Tim says:

Yes, Frito Lay is an American company. But sometimes the overseas branches of American companies will still come up with some strange English for their marketing.

“Pop your time”?? I really don’t know what this means. I can only guess from the context that it means they want you to enjoy your leisure time by eating their products. But ONLY by context. In a different context, I would guess a different meaning! It’s amazing that I can understand even that much, from such a meaningless phrase!

O Enjoy your time(?)


2 thoughts on “Don’t pop too much time into trying to understand this!”

  1. Hello, This “pop your time” topic reminded me the ad sign that I saw recently. The link below is a picture of the board sign which says “Skip your life!!”.
    When I saw this first, I felt like the sign says “You should give up the life you’re having right now, because it’s boring. And why don’t you just skip it and try moving on to next life.”
    I am wondering whether I’m right, or the ad sign is OK, regardless of beliefs of reincarnation.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Yikes! It sounds like an invitation to kill yourself! Funny (because it’s unintentional) but also kind of scary! haha

    I wonder what they intended it to mean?!

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