A rather weak sign

American Milk Toast

X American Milk Toast

Tim says:

This isn’t exactly a mistake, but this is a poor choice for the name of a business, because of the other meaning of “milk toast”.

Or, actually, “milquetoast”. In the 1920s, there was a comic strip called “The Timid Soul”, featuring the character Caspar Milquetoast. He was, as the title suggests, a timid (臆病) and wimpy (弱気) person. The character was very popular, and “milquetoast” became a common expression to mean someone who is timid and wimpy. It’s still commonly used, although the comic strip character is not well known anymore.

So calling a restaurant this name makes it sound rather wimpy. Also, Americans seldom eat milk toast these days! This shop actually sells French toast — although that makes the “correction” sound rather self-contradictory! Is it American, or French?!

O American French Toast


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