It’s alive!!

Living Bar

X Living Bar

Tim says:

This sign makes me think that the bar is actually living… in other words, alive! Well, if nobody else is in the bar, at least you can have a conversation with the bar itself!

How can we correct this? I guess we need to change the bar’s name. How about this name, which means “enjoying ourselves”:

O Living it Up!


Or maybe it’s a chicken bar?

Chiken baru

X Rotisserie Chiken & Wine Baru

Tim says:

There are two problems here. One, “chicken” is misspelled. But secondly, what is a “baru”?? A bar? I did some research and it seems this word sometimes appears in relation to wine, but I don’t think it’s considered English. Because the rest of this sign is in English, I think they should have simply used “bar”.

But, wait. This is yet another example, of two things from different categories being put together, like “book and cafe”. Books are being sold there but cafes are not. In this case, chicken is being sold there, but a wine bar is not; wine is. This sign would make more sense if it mentioned two things that are sold here, or else gave two words that are both in the “place to eat or drink” category:

O Rotisserie Chicken and Wine O Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant and Wine Bar



Girl's Spot

X Girl’s Spot Bar



O Girls’ Spot Bar