No. 061 AM I!

Here is noisy 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「Here is noisy!」と言われたら、「要らないよ!」と言う!
  • 「Am I hungry!」って?質問じゃないよ!
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Co-host: Masako Miyake Machigai Theme: “Enter the Party,” Kevin MacLeod ( L or R Theme : 2007年11月6日の再放送

Here is an incorrect sign.

Here is fire refuge.

X Here is fire refuge.

Tim says:

“Here is” is what you say when you’re handing something to someone. Just like “Here is my business card.” But this sign is actually identifying the location where the reader is standing. So it should say:

O This is a fire refuge.


No. 061 AM I!

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