Is this sign TOTOly wrong?

For all sports of Japan (photo by Tim Young)

X For all sports of Japan.

Tim says:

The use of “of” here sounds a little awkward. I thought about whether we should say “all Japan’s sports” instead, but actually, I think it’s a little strange to use possessive here at all.

I think we would be more likely to use “in”:

O For all the sports in Japan.

Notice that I also added “the”. “All sports” by itself is fine, but we’re not referring to all sports; rather, we’re specifically referring to all the sports in Japan. Therefore, “the” feels necessary, because “all the + noun” sounds more specific than “all + noun”.


Ayumi says:



“of”は基本的に「所属」を表す。 スポーツが日本に所属しているわけではなく、日本の中で行われるスポーツを言っているので、”in”が正解です。



田中亜由美は「TOEICテスト クロストレーニング PART 1・2」などの本は販売中!ブログはこちら.



Japan Produce

X Japan produce

今週のタイトル通り、「Japan produce」の意味は違います!こう書きましょう:

O Made in Japan