This sign should rise to a higher level

Guide of stop floor (photo by Tim Young)

X Guide of stop floor

Tim says:

I understand what they want to say here, and it’s a bit difficult to say succinctly in English. But this English is definitely strange.

You could say “Guide to the floors at which this elevator stops.” But it’s too long, right?

We could phrase it this way:

O This elevator stops on these floors:

Or how about this?

O This elevator stops on B1 and the 1st, 8th, and 9th floors.


Ayumi says:

“Guide of stop floor”

停止階を “stop floor” としているのもとってもおかしいのですが、私がもっと気になったのは “of” です。 以下のようなことを言いたいとき、日本語の「の」を自動的に “of” としてしまう間違いをとても多く見かけます。

key to a car(車のカギ)

secretary to a professor(教授の秘書)

answer to a question(質問の答え)

guide to teaching(指導要領)


ところで、修正案について。 This elevator stops on … の代わりに、This elevator doesn’t stop … でも良いのか?と思いました。 というのは、通常デパートのエレベーターは利用階だけに止まるので、B1F, 1F, 8F, 9Fすべてに止まるとは限らないので。

So how about these, Tim?

  • This elevator doesn’t stop from 2F to 7F.
  • This elevator doesn’t stop between 2F and 7F. (or should it be between 1F and 8F?)

I would say it doesn’t stop on the 2nd through 7th floors, or it doesn’t stop between the 1st and 8th floors! –Tim


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