I recommend that they not use this word!

Today's Recommended (photo by Tim Young)

X Today’s Recommended

Tim says:

This is actually not so bad… it’s better than some signs I’ve written about in the past! Still, it would be better to have “recommended” modifying a noun. For example:

O Today’s Recommended Dishes

Here’s another one…

Today's Recommended (photo by Tim Young)

O Recommendation Menu

I’m not sure if a restaurant in the U.S. would write it exactly this way, but grammatically I don’t think I can say it’s wrong. Good job!

This would sound more natural, though…

O Today’s Recommendations

Well, except… They’re talking about items on their own menu. If these are their recommendations, does that mean that they don’t recommend any of the other dishes on the menu? Do they think some of their own food is better than others? I think it would be best for them to completely avoid the word “recommend” and, instead, write something like this:

O Today’s Featured Dishes


Ayumi says:

よくお店の黒板などに手書きで書かれている「本日のオススメ」を英語にしたようです。 Today’s Recommendedまでは良いのですが、recommended what? と聞きたくなります。 recommendedは過去分詞で形容詞のような働きをしますので、その後に名詞がないとどこか落ち着かない。



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