Foods for thought

Foods Market (photo by Tim Young)

X Foods Market

Tim says:

The word “food” is occasionally a countable noun. However, as a countable noun, it means types of food (“fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods“). I have seen store signs that say “fine foods”, and that’s OK. But as an adjective (describing “market”), “foods” seems a bit weird to me. So let’s get rid of the “s”!

O Food Market


Ayumi says:

“food” は可算名詞?それとも不可算名詞?

通常は不可算名詞ですが、種類を言うときには可算名詞となります。 natural foods, organic foods, fatty foods などなど。

でも、ここでの “Food Market” ように複合名詞になったときには、foodは形容詞のような働きをするので複数形にはせずにこんな感じです。 food shortage(食糧不足) food additive(食品添加物) food company(食品会社)


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