Off course? Of course! 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「Go by a ship」とは、どうして間違いなの?
  • 「off course」と「of course」の違い
  • “a lot of experience” 対 “a lot of experiences”
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Co-host: Masako Miyake Machigai Theme: “Enter the Party,” Kevin MacLeod ( L or R Theme : 2007年10月16日の再放送

I’m saving this restaurant’s bacon


X Bacons

Tim says:

In Machigai Podcast’s “Count/No Count” feature, I’ve mentioned that some nouns can be both countable and uncountable (数えられる名詞、数えられない名詞). However, “bacon” is only used as an uncountable noun, so adding an “s” to it just looks strange. You can order two strips of bacon, not two bacons.

O Bacon


No. 289 CAT

I like cat 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • What? You like cat?! How terrible!
  • You like a cat? Only one cat?
  • 語彙ポイント: 「お肉」(なぜ「I eat cow」ではなく「I eat beef」と言いますか?)
  • “S or TH” answer (click here) (music from
Co-host: Saya

Order this if you’re VERY hungry

A grilled lamb

X A grilled lamb

Tim says:

The problem with this menu item is the “A” before it. If “lamb” is countable, then it must be an ENTIRE lamb — 羊の丸焼き! Types of meat are uncountable nouns, so there shouldn’t be an “a” here.

O Grilled lamb


No. 235 MUD

今週のよくある英語の間違い: Co-host: Kei Oonuki


recommended今週のよくある英語の間違い: Co-hosts: Kei Oonuki and Akane

Foods for thought

Foods Market (photo by Tim Young)

X Foods Market

Tim says:

The word “food” is occasionally a countable noun. However, as a countable noun, it means types of food (“fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods“). I have seen store signs that say “fine foods”, and that’s OK. But as an adjective (describing “market”), “foods” seems a bit weird to me. So let’s get rid of the “s”!

O Food Market


Ayumi says:

“food” は可算名詞?それとも不可算名詞?

通常は不可算名詞ですが、種類を言うときには可算名詞となります。 natural foods, organic foods, fatty foods などなど。

でも、ここでの “Food Market” ように複合名詞になったときには、foodは形容詞のような働きをするので複数形にはせずにこんな感じです。 food shortage(食糧不足) food additive(食品添加物) food company(食品会社)


田中亜由美は「TOEICテスト クロストレーニング PART 1・2」などの本は販売中!ブログはこちら.



There are lots of information of delicious sweets on it.

X There are lots of information of delicious sweets on it.


それに、これはノートのカバーだから、「in the notebook」にしましょう。

O There is lots of information about delicious sweets in it.


Quiz No. 296




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No. 235 MUD

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