No pets, and no “are”

No Pets (photo by Jenny Young)

X In the grass Pets not allowed

Tim says:

Pets do not go IN the grass, they go ON the grass. Much smaller creatures, like snakes or insects, would be found IN the grass.

The structure of the sentence is also a bit strange, and “Pets” shouldn’t be capitalized in the middle of a sentence. Of course “Pets are not allowed” would be more correct, but on a sign that gives instructions, we often skip simple words such as “is”, “are”, and “the”.

O Pets not allowed on grass


No. 153 FISHY

I didn't know you were a Pisces 今週は、このよくある英語の間違いを説明します:
  • 「fishy」ってどういう意味?
  • 「gossip」の本当の発音
  • 「I didn’t know that you are~」とは、どうして間違いなの?
  • Machigai Mail: 風邪をひいたときの英語
  • “L or R” answer (click here)
Co-host: Haruka Murakami 2009年8月11日の再放送です。