They’ll be up late fixing their sign

There are neither a cover charge a service charge nor a late-night shops charge, etc. at all. (photo by Tim Young)

X There are neither a cover charge a service charge nor a late-night shops charge, etc. at all.

Tim says:

There’s so much wrong with this sentence…

First of all, “neither ~ nor ~” can only be used when there are two choices. This sign lists three choices — and then implies that there are additional choices by adding “etc.”!

“Neither” should be deleted. It is OK to use “nor”, however, in a list of three or more choices. But if “nor” or “or” is used (rather than “and”), the sentence should begin with “there is” (rather than “there are”).

When listing three choices, commas should be used: “a cover charge, a service charge, or a late-night shops charge.”

“At all” seems unnecessary, and “etc.” seems rather odd on a sign such as this one. I think this phrasing is smoother:

O This shop does not assess any cover, service, late-night business, or other charges.

Ayumi, have I forgotten anything?


Ayumi says:



“neither A nor B” は「AもBも~でない」という2つを同時に否定するときに使いますので、ここのように3つを否定するときには使えません。


OPEN 18:00 ~ 5:00 CLOSE


OPEN 18:00 ~ 5:00

Business Hours 18:00 ~ 5:00


Tim, what do you think? Do we still need “CLOSE” here?



You’re right; saying “Business Hours” would be more natural in English. And using simply “open” — as in “these are the hours that this shop is open” is also fine.


田中亜由美は「TOEICテスト クロストレーニング PART 1・2」などの本は販売中!ブログはこちら.



Challenge to the Best Price of the World

X Challenge to the best price of the world



「of the world」より「in the world」の方がいいです。「世界中」なので、その中は「in」でしょう、英語で。でも、「in the world」とは言い過ぎでしょう。インドの電気屋さんの値段は関係ないだと思います!「in Japan」にしましょう!

「best price」とは、その一つだけ?色々な商品があるから、値段も色々あるでしょう。「best prices」にしましょう。

「Challenge」を使うと「to」はいりません。でも、「Challenge the best prices in Japan」とは、まだ変な感じです。どうしてかというと、この「Challenge」の使い方は、和製英語です。「挑む」という意味で、人間にすることです、ものではなく。なので、値段に挑むではなく、他の店に挑む(challenge other stores)とは自然です。もの(値段とか)だと、「take on」の方がいいです。


O We’re taking on the best prices in Japan