Ripped from the headlines!

Vending Machine to donate part of the sales

X Vending Machine to donate part of the sales

Tim says:

This sign reads as if it were a newspaper headline. Except, as a headline, it’s incomplete, because it doesn’t explain what was sold. “Part of the sales”… of what? Also, vending machines do not think, so a vending machine itself cannot donate money!

Of course, this is actually written on the side of the vending machine, so it’s clear what is being sold: drinks! But because it’s not in a newspaper, this wording sounds strange.

We could change it to “This is a vending machine from which part of the sales will be donated“; this grammar is better, but I don’t think a native English speaker would write it that way. Starting with “Part of the sales…,” as below, sounds more natural. However, another question remains unanswered: who is the money being donated to??

O Part of the sales from this vending machine will be donated to…