Everything is looking up

Point Up Day

X Point Up Day

Tim says:

Today is the day when we should point our fingers toward the sky, right? No? But… look at the picture! The thumb on that hand is… pointing up!

Of course, this sign was meant to refer to points (noun) that can be earned by shopping at this mall, not pointing (verb) up. You can get more points than usual if you shop there on Wednesdays. If it were twice as many points as usual, then it would be “Double Points Day”, but I was told that it’s not quite that big of an increase. So I guess the best English would be:

O Extra Points Day


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No. 160 CENTS

dollars and cents 今週は、このよくある英語の間違いを説明します:
  • 「$168.99」の読み方は…?
  • 「cost」の過去形は「costed」じゃないの?
  • Machigai Mail: 「gold」と「silver」と…?
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