Everything is looking up

Point Up Day

X Point Up Day

Tim says:

Today is the day when we should point our fingers toward the sky, right? No? But… look at the picture! The thumb on that hand is… pointing up!

Of course, this sign was meant to refer to points (noun) that can be earned by shopping at this mall, not pointing (verb) up. You can get more points than usual if you shop there on Wednesdays. If it were twice as many points as usual, then it would be “Double Points Day”, but I was told that it’s not quite that big of an increase. So I guess the best English would be:

O Extra Points Day


This one’s really a downer

Escalator to Down Only

X Escalator to Down Only

Tim says:

When you arrive at Down, what will you do there?

“Down” is not a place, so it’s strange to use it with “to”. Just like you can’t “go to shopping”, you can’t “go to down”. Often, “down” is an adverb, as in “this escalator is going down.” It can also be an adjective, as in “the down escalator.” You could use it either way to correct this sign:

O These escalators only go down O Down escalators only


Up through the Out Door

Go up Exit 3

X Go up Exit3, and go left side.

Tim says:

“Exit 3” (be careful to add the space!) does include a stairway, but as an “exit”, it’s primarily a doorway. So you should use “out” instead of “up”.

“Go left side” is quite strange. Surely “turn left” is better.

O Go out Exit 3 and turn left.


No. 142 UP

X She called her boss on the interphone.O She called her boss on the intercom.
  • 「interphone」とは、和製英語です!
  • Call me on the intercom
  • 「version up」も「access up」も、ネイティブは言わないこと
  • MACHIGAI MAIL: 「used to」の正しい使い方
  • “L or R” answer (click here)
Co-host: Haruka Murakami 2009年5月26日の再放送です。

No. 071 MAKE UP

make up Co-host: Aki Hiraizumi 2008年1月15日の再放送です。 下の三角をクリックしたら、ポッドキャストを聞くことが出来ます。

Quiz No. 260

この文章 を英語にしてください。(辞書を見てはいけません!)



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