NO. 339 TURN

He is turning 17
X He is becoming 17.
O He is turning 17.
  • 「24才になっている」とは、英語では…?
  • 「turn into」とは?
  • 「右に曲がる」とは「turn the right」ではなくて…
  • 熟語ポイント:「turn」を使っているイディオム
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Up through the Out Door

Go up Exit 3

X Go up Exit3, and go left side.

Tim says:

“Exit 3” (be careful to add the space!) does include a stairway, but as an “exit”, it’s primarily a doorway. So you should use “out” instead of “up”.

“Go left side” is quite strange. Surely “turn left” is better.

O Go out Exit 3 and turn left.