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Tim says:

This zoo sign has some problems with spelling. First of all, this bird is from the Andes mountains. So it’s “Andean”, not “Andian”. Does “Andian” mean it belongs to a man named Andy?!

The second word is also misspelled. The bird is a “condor” not a “conndo”. They’ve spelled it almost like “condo”, which is short for “condominium” (マンション). I haven’t seen a condo that had feathers before…

O Andean Condor


Quiz No. 239

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No. 037 ZOO

The sign says 'No Karaoke' Co-host: Hitomi Fukazawa 2007年5月22日の再放送です。 下の三角をクリックしたら、ポッドキャストを聞くことが出来ます。