Close, but no cigar

Possible the use of only shop or drink. (photo by Tim Young)

X Possible the use of only shop or drink.

Tim says:

I had to read the Japanese to understand what this English was meant to say! This cigar bar wants to say that, even if you don’t want to smoke cigars, it’s ok to be in the shop to relax or order a drink. I don’t understand why they thought starting the sentence with “possible” would be acceptable English! It’s very strange. You could start it as “It is possible to…”

Also, the phrasing “only shop or drink” makes it sound as if it’s possible to use either the shop or the drink! It would have been better to write “to only use the shop or have a drink” — a different verb for each noun.

However, I think the most natural way to express it would be:

O Feel free to come in just to relax or have a drink.


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