Advice from a talking taco

Now it's so busy

X We’re sorry ,but now it’s so busy, no tables available. Wait in the line.

Tim says:

There are various, minor problems with this sign. The comma placement in the first sentence is odd. The first one should have a space after it, rather than before it!

“It’s so busy” sounds too conversational for a sign; perhaps even a little childish. “Now” would sound more natural if placed after “busy.” The comma after it should be a semicolon (;), OR replace the comma with “that there are”: “it’s so busy that there are no tables available.” (開いているテーブルがないほど混んでいます)And “wait in the line” sounds a bit too direct, a little rude.

Here’s a better way to phrase the whole sign:

O We’re sorry, but there are currently no tables available. Please wait.


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