In search of better English

in search of functionality

X The product is in search of functionality and high-quality with included in the feeling of A.L.I.

Tim says:

Here’s the second half of the tag we started reading last week!

  • “In search of functionality”? 「機能性を探し中」?? I hope this bag finds functionality someday…  I’m not sure how to correct this one, because I don’t understand why they used “in search of”!
  • As mentioned last week, again, “high-quality” is a hyphenated adjective without a noun following it. The hyphen isn’t needed.
  • “With” and “included in” mean much the same thing. We only need one of them!

O This product has high functionality and quality, with the feeling of A.L.I.


No. 054 TWO-WEEK

She has a five-year-old son. 今週のよくある英語の間違い: Co-host: Hitomi Fukazawa Machigai Theme: “Enter the Party,” Kevin MacLeod ( L or R Theme : 2007年9月18日の再放送

At least the design is sleek…

with sleekly designed

X High-quality with sleekly designed for business setting.

Tim says:

This tag on a bag for sale in a store had so many mistakes on it, we’re only going to discuss the first half of it this week. But that’s still a lot!

  • “High-quality”, with a hyphen, is an adjective. But there’s no noun immediately after it, so it shouldn’t have a hyphen. (or, you could say “A high-quality bag”)
  • There are several ways to fix “with sleekly designed.” Either “with (a) sleek design” or “sleekly designed” (no “with”) would be better.
  • “Business setting” should have “a” before it.

O High quality and sleekly designed for a business setting.


It’s time to fix this sign

90 Minutes Limit

X 90Minutes Limit

Tim says:

When an expression that shows a measurement or amount, including an amount of time, is used as an adjective, it should have a hyphen between the number and the word. Also, in such a case, the noun will always be in the singular form.

O 90-Minute Limit



flea market 今週のよくある英語の間違い: Co-host: Sayuri Kobayashi

No. 054 TWO-WEEK

five-year-old Co-host: Hitomi Fukazawa 2007年9月18日の再放送です。 下の三角をクリックしたら、ポッドキャストを聞くことが出来ます。