No. 063 JUST

I (have, just) five dollars 今週のよくある英語の間違い: Co-host: Masako Miyake

Machigai Theme: “Enter the Party,” Kevin MacLeod (

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Escape from the fire! It’s easy!

Just open in case of emergency

X Just open in case of emergency

Tim says:

This sign is not quite using the word “just” correctly. That word has many meanings. The sign wants to say that people should not use the door except in an emergency situation. But when “just” is used at the beginning of a sentence, it is more likely to mean 「いいから、やってみて!」It’s easy! No problem!

It’s better to replace “just” with “only,” and to put it after the verb:

O Open only in case of emergency


Quiz No. 503


She just takes the bus.


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just cut

X 10 minutes Just Cut



だから、「just cut」の意味は「一生懸命に切る」になってしまいます。ちょっと怖いですね。

O Get a cut in just 10 minutes!


No. 063 JUST

just five dollars Co-host: Masako Miyake 2007年11月20日の再放送です。 下の三角をクリックしたら、ポッドキャストを聞くことが出来ます。