Low fat, but lots of nouns

beauty Chinese

X Beauty Chinese steam  low fat variety   small portions colorful   vegetables

Tim says:

“Beauty” and “Chinese” are both nouns, so this combination is strange. The intended meaning is that it’s Chinese food that will help you stay beautiful, but you need more than two words to say that, I think.

Also, after that, we have a random group of words and phrases — all nouns, except for the adjective “colorful”. It seems like the writer of this sign wasn’t able to make English sentences about these things, so they simply wrote the words! I’ll try to write my own sentences.

O Chinese food that helps you stay beautiful! A variety of low-fat foods in small portions, cooked with steam, including colorful vegetables!



Beauty Fighter

X Beauty Fighter


「〜 Fighter」というと、その「〜」を矢付けるものという意味になってしまいます。たとえば、「cavity fighter」(虫歯予防するもの)、「monster fighter」(怪獣と戦う人)など。実は、この化粧品は使っている人が美しくなるためにいやな物と戦うっていう意味になって欲しかったでしょう。じゃあ、これではどうですか?

O Beauty Protector



barber beauty salon

X Barber Beauty Salon


O Barber Shop and Beauty Salon