Off course? Of course! 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「Go by a ship」とは、どうして間違いなの?
  • 「off course」と「of course」の違い
  • “a lot of experience” 対 “a lot of experiences”
  • “L or R” answer (click here)
Co-host: Masako Miyake Machigai Theme: “Enter the Party,” Kevin MacLeod ( L or R Theme : 2007年10月16日の再放送

No. 315 PIG OUT

I ate pizza too much 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「I ate pizza too much」じゃなくて…
  • アメリカ人の「basil」の発音
  • 「eat by a fork」という言い間違い
  • 句動詞コーナー:cook up, chop up, pig out
  • “B or V” answer (click here) (music from
Co-host: Sayuri Kobayashi

Just tell me how to get there!

Please come by the connecting passages at B1, 3F, 6F.

X Please come by the connecting passages at B1, 3F, 6F.

Tim says:

First of all, English speakers don’t expect such a sign to say “please”. We see this as simply information, not a request, so it doesn’t need to be so polite.

“By” sounds a little strange here. “Via” is better.

Also, Americans are not used to these abbreviations for the floors. “B1” is especially unfamiliar.

O Access to these stores is available via connecting passageways located on the 3rd and 6th floors and in the first basement.



do you have time? 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「Do you have time?」と「Do you have the time?」の違い
  • 「I’ll be hungry by then」と「I’ll be hungry till then」の違い
  • どうして「twice or three times」とは、変な英語ですか?
  • 語彙ポイント: “Errands”
  • “S or TH” answer (click here) (music from
Co-host: Sayuri Kobayashi

No. 015 BY (part 2)

write by a pen 今週のよくある英語の間違い:

No. 014 BY (part 1)

the chair was made by wood 今週のよくある英語の間違い: Co-host: Kazumi Sashida 2006年12月12日の再放送

No. 279 ON SALE

let's go shopping 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「on sale」と「for sale」の違い
  • 語彙ポイント: 「money」(「cash」「credit」「check」との前置詞は?)
  • “L or R” answer (click here)
Co-host: Keiko

No. 239 EUROPE

Sweden 今週のよくある英語の間違い: Co-hosts: Kei Oonuki and Yuki Sukehiro