Which English language do you want?

English languages Available. We have English menu.

X English languages Available. We have English menu.

Tim says:

This sounds funny, because there is only one English language. Of course, there are some dialects (方言) of it, but “English” is a language and there’s only one language by that name!

Also, these two sentences seem to be saying almost the same thing. The second sentence is clearer that it means an English menu, not an English newspaper or something else!

So let’s get rid of the first sentence, and just correct the grammar in the second one:

O We have an English menu.


No. 034 VIKING

I ate at a viking 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「I ate at a viking」というと、相手がわからないでしょう
  • 「they have a new menu」の意味は思っている通りじゃないです!
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A menu card sandwich?

Menu card sandwich

X Let us make your favorites from the menu cards!

Tim says:

Technically, this could be considered correct, but it could be understood in two different ways. It could mean that you should choose your favorite items that are printed on the menu cards — that’s the meaning that’s intended here.

However, because “make 〜 from 〜” 「~から〜を作る」, it could also mean that they will make the menu cards into sandwiches! I don’t think I’ll choose that. The taste is a little dry.

To avoid confusion, it’d be better if they wrote it this way:

O Let us make your favorite menu items!


A Tasteful Sign

Good taste menu in this store.

X Good taste menu in this store.

Tim says:

“Menu” in English means a list of the food available, but it can mean all of the available food itself, too. (Each dish on the menu is a MENU ITEM.)

“Good taste” is not an adjective; it should be “good-tasting”. “In this store” is not a mistake, but it sounds rather childish. Here are some more natural ways to say this:

O We have a great-tasting menu.

O Everything on our menu tastes great!

By the way, if we say someone has good taste, it means 「その人はセンスがある。」 This sign reminded me of that meaning, rather than the food-related one!



menu 今週のよくある英語の間違い:
  • 「we have a new menu」の意味
  • 「メイヨ」とは、何?!
  • 「南の島ドレッシング」?
  • 表現ポイント: 「On the side」
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Could you repeat that, please?

menu listb (photo by Tim Young)

X Menu list

Tim says:

I took this photo because “perm” (short for “permanent”) is misspelled on this sign. But later, I realized that this sign had a better mistake on it!

If you look up “menu” in the dictionary, you see: “a list of dishes available in a restaurant.” “a list of commands or facilities displayed on screen.” Yes! A “menu” is … a list! So “menu list” is just saying the same thing twice. It’s like saying “true facts”; all facts are true!

O Menu

Ayumi says:

美容院でよく見かける看板です。英語にした方がオシャレなのでしょうか? でも、それがおかしな英語だとしたら全然オシャレではないと思うのですが・・・パーマのスペリングにも問題があります。permanentの省略ですので”perm”であるべき。 さらに、menu listというのは、意味が重複しています。menuってリストのこと。 日本語で言えば、たとえば「鯨の捕鯨」「青い青空」「頭痛が痛い」にあたるようなおかしな表現です。

田中亜由美は「TOEICテスト クロストレーニング PART 1・2」などの本は販売中!ブログはこちら.


No. 034 VIKING

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X Spaghetti Carbonara with Italian Raw Hum


O Spaghetti Carbonara with Italian Raw Ham


O Spaghetti Carbonara with Raw Italian Ham


x Hair Menu



X Refresh for hair & body


O Refreshment for hair & body