A Significant Sign

Spacious space

X Spacious space

Tim says:

It’s not exactly an English mistake, but it sounds odd to use two different forms (in this case, an adjective and a noun) of the same word together in a sentence. Also, it’s a “tautology”: the word “spacious” implies that there is a lot of space, so there’s no need to use the word “space” (although “space” could mean an area of any size).

I suggest the following, which sounds better and is more descriptive:

O Spacious dining area


This space is on fire

Free smoking space

X Free smoking space

Tim says:

This sign is rather unclear. “Free”? Do smokers usually have to pay in order to find a space to smoke?!

I assume this “free” is a translation of 「自由」, but in English it appears to mean 無料. I think what they mean to say is:

O Smoking area available


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comfort space manufacture

X Care About The Environment & Comfort Space Manufacture

この文章は一体どういう文章ですか?!「 Care about the environment」(環境を大事にしてください)は命令みたいで、「Comfort Space Manufacture」も大事にしなくてはだめなことですか?で、「Comfort Space Manufacture」ってどういう意味ですか?!


O Environmentally Friendly Comfort Space Manufacturing