The strange English never stops!

It stops.

X It stops.

Tim says:

What stops? Why are you telling me this?

This sentence simply means 「それが止まる。」Of course, “it” means the bus in Kobe where I saw this, but it’s not clear from how it’s written. But also, present tense “stops” only tells us that it sometimes stops. It DOESN’T tell us that the bus WILL stop SOON.

O This bus will stop at the next stop.

It’s unfortunate that “stop” means both 「止まる」 and 「バス停」. To avoid a sentence that uses “stop” twice, you could say:

O This bus will stop soon.



To call them to stop as prospective customers

You will be punished if you do any of the following acts against passers-by

X To call them to stop as prospective customers

まあ、この英語はそんなに悪くないですね。でも、その最初の「To」は要りません。「To」を使うと、辞書的定義みたいになります。こう考えてください:「You will be punished if you… call them to stop.」「To」を入れると、変ですね。

でも「stop as prospective customers」もちょっと変ですね。これでどうでしょうか?

O Call out to them with the intention of making a sale