Don’t stake your life on their spelling ability

Stake (photo by Tim Young)

X Stake

Tim says:

WHAT?! This one is so bad, it surprised even me! Even though “steak” is spelled correctly on the awning above this sign, somehow they ended up with “stake” (杭;利害関係) on this sign! How does such a mistake even happen?! I want to “meat” the person who made this “misteak”!

O Steak


I have a “beef” with this sign

Humberg & Steak (photo by Tim Young)

X Humberg & Steak

Tim says:

This sign reminds me of Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” because he would say “Bah! Humberg!” … or, no, sorry, that was “Humbug”. My mistake.

Anyway, the word is spelled incorrectly on this sign. It should be “Hamburg”. Of course, it’s referring to “Hamburg steak”, a name that Americans used perhaps 100 years ago, but it’s never heard today. Perhaps this is what we now call “Salisbury steak”.

But there’s another problem with this sign. “Steak” is being used here as an uncountable noun, which is fine; it can be either countable or uncountable. However, “Hamburg” is simply a Japanese abbreviation of “Hamburg steak”; in English, we would only understand it as the name of a city! But “Salisbury steak & steak” sounds weird. Perhaps a restaurant in the U.S. would handle it this way:

O Salisbury Steak Sirloin Steak

By the way, did you know? There’s some controversy over whether “Hamburg steak” and “hamburgers” were named after Hamburg, Germany, or Hamburg, New York!


Ayumi says:

日本語では「ハンバーグステーキ」と言いますが、それだとしてもスペリングが違う! ただし、humberg, humbergerのスペリングはネット上でも多く見られる。どうしてなのか?このミススペリング。ところが、たとえHamburgとしてみても、これでは「ハンブルグ」との地名にしかならない。

初めて聞いた! “Salisbury steak” Salisburyはアメリカの栄養学者の名前から。第1次世界大戦中にドイツ語が避けられていたときに、hamburgerは、Salisbury steakと呼ばれたとのこと。。。個人的にはこの種のアメリカンフードがちょっと苦手です。


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healthy steak

X Healthy steak



O Healthful steak O Steak is good for you